Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sunday's Best: Getting the most out of your wardrobe!

Hey Lovelies!

I have been enjoying my summer break to the fullest!  Making sure that every weekend is filled with something fun and fabulous! Stay tuned, pics are coming!  This particular weekend, I attended a graduation celebration at church for my cousin and this was my attire for the event!  I recently did a massive closet clean-out and  donated a lot and also rediscovered items that I felt needed more wear!  This top and this gorgeous skirt were two of them!  This is a total "shop my closet" look!  
 I have been in love with this skirt since the first time I laid eyes on it!  To think I wasn't going to purchase it until my brother convinced me to but I digress!  I plan on getting much more wear out of it!
 These heels are also one of my favorites!  They were a "Saturday Morning Steal" on ShoeDazzle several months ago and I absolutely love them!
 This was an absolutely gorgeous day by the way!  Not too hot, not too cold, and the sun was shining beautifully!  I love days like that!
 Top:  H&M
Skirt:  Express
Heels:  ShoeDazzle
So how is your summer so far?  Any big plans? I've got so much to catch you all up on so please stay tuned! 
 I'll be back soon and as always, thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a fabulous week!

Monday, June 29, 2015

What's Cooking With Trice: Classic BLT ft. Hellmann's Mayo

Hey Dolls,

I recently received Hellmann's Mayonnaise from Influenster to try since they have revamped their bottle! I know that in the past I would waste mayo because I'd get frustrated trying to get it from the bottom corners of the jar and would just toss it.  Well, apparently I wasn't the only one because according to Hellman's this is part of the reason they've redesigned their bottle.  
This new bottle advertises that it will "squeeze out more" and that is exactly what it does.  It comes out pretty quick too but what I like most is the clean lock cap so there's no mess!
I made my healthier spin on the classic BLT!  I used 5-grain bread, spinach, uncured turkey bacon, tomatoes, and a little mayo on each slice of bread.
This sandwich was just as good as the BLTs my mommy would make for me as a kid!  DELICIOUS!

 Check out some of Hellmann's products including this new "squeeze out more" bottle and great recipes here!  
As always, thank you so much for stopping by!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Quick Sand and Snorkeling (BUCKET LIST ITEMS)

Hey Lovelies!

 A few weeks ago, some friends and I decided to spend a Sunday afternoon snorkeling and canoeing, two things I have never done before but have always wanted to!
We went to the beautiful Silver Glen Springs in Ocala, FL!  The water was a very chilly 72 degrees so I put on the wet suit along with my snorkel gear!
Although the water was cold, I came out of the wet suit and swam in my bathing suit.  The water was crystal clear and there were so many cool fish and wildlife I was able to come up close and personal to!  I look forward to doing it again somewhere tropical!
Later on that day we rented a canoe and took a ride around the springs!  The sun was blazing so I put on all of my protective gear from sunscreen down to a hat and cover ups!

I was pretty excited to canoe especially when my friends fiance (the guy in the back) told me he would do all of the paddling! I was able to relax, take in the views, and snap my pictures of course!  That was so sweet of him!
In no particular order here is some of the things I saw!

 You can look right through the water to the bottom, it's so clear!

There are two of my friends, Christina and Ashley!  They had to paddle themselves...HA HA!
It was a beautiful day so there were a lot of people out in there own boats having a good time on the springs!
We saw a lot of Florida wildlife, including ospreys....
Hawks (I think)....
or maybe a herring???
 photo DSC_0552_zpsmtbngh3f.jpg
  I was so scared the mother was close by that I almost tipped our canoe trying to convince my friend to turn the canoe around and get us out of there!!!
 photo DSC_0581_zpsay9i6fni.jpg

Snorkeling was great and so was the canoeing but the highlight of the entire trip was my experience in quick sand!!!  Now I will admit that I thought quick sand only existed in movies but the stuff is REAL!!!
 It looks like swirly puddles of water and there are bubbles that come up in the water where the sand is "Quick".  As soon as you step in you start to sink depending on how deep the pockets go.
As you see here I immediately sunk waist deep once I stepped into the quick sand!!!!  It's the weirdest feeling because your feet continue sinking the more you wiggle your toes and you feel nothing underneath them.  
I was telling him "DO NOT LET MY HAND GO!"
We had a fantastic time that day!  I was excited I got to try new things!  I can't believe I've been living in Florida all these years and had never been snorkeling until now.  It's definitely something I look forward to doing again!
As always, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ladies Day Off Giveaway!!!

Hey Dolls!

How many of you can use a day off?  I know I sure can!  
Well, you're in luck because Ladies Day Off is coming back to Jacksonville on June 27th for another day jam packed with much needed relaxation!!!  I had the pleasure of attending the event last year at the beautiful Queens Harbour and it was definitely an event you didn't want to miss! Check out all the fun from last year here!
Ladies' Day Off wants you to grab your best girlfriends and take the "day off" to simply relax, rejuvenate, and replenish your well being.  Here is a sneek peek of what you can expect at the June 27th Ultimate VIP Experience...

Our  job as women is never done so this event is the perfect get away from the everyday hustle and bustle!  Come out between 12pm-4pm and enjoy the "Ultimate VIP Experience" with gourmet butler passed hors d'oeuvres, chilled wine, sweets, on-site mini-spa services, make-up demos, amazing giveaways, and much more!  The event is happening at the beautiful Queen's Harbour Yacht and Country Club!!!  I've been there before for a wedding and I could not think of a nicer location to spend a day of much needed pampering!   
Ladies' Day Off
I have more good news!  
One of my beautiful followers can win a VIP ticket to the event!  

1.) Simply comment below telling me why you could use a day off!!!!  
2.) Follow myself (@willworkforheels) and Ladies Day Off (@ladiesdayoff) on Instagram.
3.)  Choose one picture that shows why you're deserving of a day off and hashtag it with:
#LDOjax2015 #TellAGirlfriend #UltimateVIP

 No worries if you don't win the free ticket, you can receive $10 off your ticket using the promo code: HHGM 
on the Ladies Day Off website here !

I hope to see all of your beautiful faces June 27th!  
As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Julington Creek Fish Camp

Hi Guys!

It's that time of year for graduations and celebrations of all sorts and I attended a graduation dinner for a food club friend of mine at Julington Creek Fish Camp!
This place has been on my list of places to try for a while so I was happy when my friend Deprina decided to have her dinner there. As you can see from the picture above, there are two levels.  We sat upstairs on the deck which was fitting for the occasion.  We were able to get a beautiful view of the river as the sun was setting. I was with my Nom Nom Club friends so the night was full of celebration and laughs but now on to the wonderful EATS!!!
Grilled Octopus and White Bean Salad
I didn't taste this dish because I don't like squid of any sort.  I don't like the texture, but I was told it was good.
Mahi Fish Bites
This was ordered after our waiter highly recommended it.  It has a nice crispiness and the flavor is good.  I personally could have used a tad more seasoning.  I would still order this again though!
Crispy Artichoke Hearts
These had a really nice lemony horseradish dipping sauce and parmesan and a very light crisp to them which made them easy to devour by the group!
Ceviche of The Day
The ceviche of the day this particular night was scallop ceviche. It was made with the cutest little bay scallops. I'm not a huge fan of ceviche but I did have a taste and it was very fresh and tangy.  
Low Country Boil
My girls Martha and Jenn got this dish to share and it came with Snow Crab legs, Shrimp, Oysters, Sausage, and all the fixings!   I'm sure it was delicious!
Shrimp and Grits
This was my dish, of course!  I'll give you all a second to basque in the beauty of this dish!  It was as delicious and it looks.  The shrimp were nice and large, the grits were creamy, and the toppings brought the dish together nicely.  I'd get this dish again and again!

Broiled Seafood Platter
This dish came with shrimp, fish, scallops, potatoes, and a zucchini and squash medley.  While this dish may be nice to look at, it lacked big time in the flavor department.  If I were to order this dish, I'd probably get it blacked for a little spice!
Blackened Mahi
I didn't have any of this dish but it looked amazing!  It came with a rice pilaf and green beans.
White Chocolate and Blueberry Bread Pudding
I'm normally not a fan of bread pudding but when I heard everyone raving about how amazing it was, I grabbed my spoon and took a taste!  I was wonderful!
Julington Creek Fish Camp on Urbanspoon
I think I have finally found a seafood restaurant in Jacksonville that I really enjoyed!  Everything was great and I love the views of the river from the patio.
  As always, thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

MoonBeam Bash 2015

Hey Lovelies!

Last night I attended Yelp's second annual Moonbeam Bash at the MOSH Museum.  You might remember my experience last year but if not, take a look here.  It was another evening jam packed with food and fun!  I enjoy having the opportunity to support local businesses!

 I love this mouth!  It's the perfect entrance for such an event as this one!
 For starters, Moe's primed up our taste buds with their chips and queso.
 Followed by cocktails by Tito's Vodka!
 One of the coolest parts of the event was watching ice cream get made from sugar, milk, and liquid nitrogen!  I would love to do something like this in my classroom!  I think my students would get a kick out of it!
.... Add it
 .....not too much!
 ...we're smokin' now!
 VERDICT:  It's good!!!
 This year's event as a cosmic cosplay so there were some really amazing costumes!  These two in their Dia de los muertos get up were amazing!!!!!! I didn't dress in costume but one of the fellow attendees said "Yes, you did.  You came as a beautiful woman and nailed it!"  I'll take that!!!
 Sweet On You food Truck was there with AMAZING pastries!  I will be on the look out for them from now on because all of their sweets were delicious!  I especially loved the almond croissant.
 Fusion Food truck was there as well.  I enjoyed their spicy thai noodle salad and thai iced tea!  YUM!

  My favorite for the evening was Kaleidoscope Catering!
 This chicken bahn mi sandwich was so good!
 This cucumber gazpacho with garlic shrimp was so refreshing!  I loved the extra flavor added with the toast!  YUMMMMM!
 Another Broken Egg Cafe was there with some killer grits and fancy granola!

 These grits were bomb!  All I needed was a pancake to go with them!
 My second fav of the night was from my beloved Bazille!  This was the tomato jam jar.  If you visit Bazille inside of Nordstrom, it is a must have for an appetizer!
 Slider's Seafood Grille was there with a great poblano pepper and corn fritter, steak crostini, and bloody mary oyster shooters!
 Your Pie had a pretty good panini.
 Hawkers came through with a yummy pork belly slider and chicken skewers.
 There were many other vendors there last night but I was too stuffed after all of the tastings I just mentioned.
 It was a great event!  I got to hang with my foodie friends and my friend Cathy for more laughs and eating!  Can't beat that right!?!  I'm now planning my next visit to the gym!!!
As always thanks for stopping by!